There is an irrefutable darkness that effortlessly emblazons my paintings. I find beauty in this gothic ambience and even more beauty in the acceptance of such darkness. 

Whenever I would find myself questioning life’s uncertainties, I looked to my paintbrush to write the visual poetry of undeniable truths. The thought’s I could not utter myself, are best pronounced through colors like charcoal, sable, and onyx; while crimson regret or a splash of honest merlot, cloaks the canvas in some form. And my savior, being a dauntless and daring gold, refurbishes my most sleepless of nights. The elements of romance rebel against the normalcy dictated throughout traditional realism. 

Perhaps in order to find any light, we must endlessly search throughout the blackest of nights. To which, finding beauty in human brokenness is where I always found myself most comfortable.